McLaren 540C Repairs

Released in the summer of 2015, the McLaren 540C is an entry-level, 2 door sports car. The McLaren 540C was unveiled during the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show. Although it may be McLaren’s entry-level car, it is more than worthy of its supercar status. This model focuses on “day-to-day usability and drive-ability” compared to its sibling, the McLaren 570s.

The 540C shares most of its architecture and its appearance with the 570s, but with only 533hp compared to the 562hp that the 570s has to offer. The 540C is equipped with McLaren’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8. The low weight of the 540C helps it accelerate to 62mph from a standstill in just 3.5sec, whilst also reaches a top speed that’s just shy of 200mph, at 199mph.

The 540C is cheaper than the 570S and went on sale shortly after its Shanghai debut. The 540C is unavailable in the USA due to McLaren wanting to focus on the more powerful 570S model for the US market.

Although the 540C is based on its bigger, more powerful siblings, the 570S and the 570GT, it offers a much more generous price tag. Starting at £120,000, the only difference between the 540C and the pair is a slightly different bumper and different wheels.

Independent McLaren 540C Repairs in Essex

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If you are looking to repair or service your McLaren 540C, or any other model you require us to work with, We only use genuine McLaren parts for services alongside dealer-level diagnostic software. We have the knowledge and equipment to deliver the highest quality of service, and we take great pride in our customer satisfaction.

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